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Gardening Tips – January 2023

Tulips and Daffodil Container Planting

If you’ve already refrigerated your tulips and hyacinths, it’s time to plant them. If you have not refrigerated these bulbs, it’s too late. Late December to early January is the ideal time after they’ve been refrigerated for about 6 to 8 weeks (in a paper or mesh bag) in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Tulips and hyacinths are the only bulbs we need to refrigerate here in Louisiana. I automatically chilled my daffodils also and it was okay.

You can plant tulips and daffodils in ground or in pots. I did not plant hyacinths but chose to plant tulips and daffodils several years back. I used large containers for an additional pop of color with petunias and pansies planted on top.

I used large plastic containers with drainage holes, added good potting soil & an application of complete fertilizer. I put the soil in leaving about 4-5inches from the top of the container. I placed the bulbs in the soil with pointed ends up, placing them close but not touching, then covered them with the remaining soil to use for planting the pansies and petunias on top. Like any other planting, I watered it well, placing the pot in a full to part sun location where it could be easily seen & enjoyed. For more information on bulbs visit

By Karen Blackburn

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