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Gardening Tips – February 2021

Mardi Gras Gardens

We’ve all been reading and talking about the Mardi Gras float houses since Mardi Gras in New Orleans is cancelled because of the current health pandemic. Some homeowners have hired New Orleans artist or have taken it upon themselves to come up with colorful, creative ways to decorate their homes as they would do a float for the carnival season. I had to go sightseeing for myself. Since this is the time of year for roses, I noticed many of the homes decorated for Mardi Gras used images of roses, other flowers and wildlife.

Cardboard, paper mâché, metal as well as other materials & forms of art are being used in the New Orleans float house gardens. If it can be on a float, it be used on the house and garden. This Mardi Gras garden décor has brought the garden to the entire home and garden. Art in the garden is not new but the idea with the Mardi Gras theme is an inspiration to us all. These colorful and larger than life art pieces have lifted the spirits of the city and offer an appreciation for what I prefer to call art in the Garden. I say let’s have art in the garden year-round.

By Karen Blackburn

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