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Gardening Tips – October 2020


Adding Autumn Color to the Garden

Autumn or Fall as we call this season of the year, is a great time to plant new shrubs and plants. It may be the best time to plant new material. The pressure of the hot weather is no longer a factor. Plant roots have a chance to develop, producing stronger plants for the following spring and summer.

Here in the New Orleans area, we continue to have green gardens unlike many of our cooler climate neighbors. But we have other options for those typical fall colors like reds, burgundy, oranges and yellow gold tones. There are other plants that we should consider in addition to Chrysanthemums, pansies and snapdragons.

Incorporate colorful vegetables and herbs with ornamental plants and grasses. Mix in annuals and perennials. Some plants may flower for a short period of time or up to the first frost but we have more options than you think.

Fall containers and arrangements can be placed in the landscape, at entrances, porches and patios to attain pops of fall color and fill in gaps. Many gardeners use pumpkins, gourds and other decorations to add color and highlight the fall season.

Consider colorful herbs and vegetables. Some suggestions: red and purple lettuces, Swiss chard, mustards, ornamental peppers, purple and green cabbages and kale to name a few. Mix these in the landscape or in containers for interesting colors and fun combinations.

‘Red Giant’ Mustard

By Karen Blackburn

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