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Gardening Tips – May 2020


Dipladenia is a member of the mandevilla family. Others name Rocktrumpet. Dipladenia is a tropical vine which grows bushier with smaller leaves and blooms than mandevilla The colorful trumpet like flowers come in bright colors of red, pink, white and rarely yellow or with yellow throat. It provides bright color throughout the summer. Dipladenia stems grow downward and hang. It blooms Spring to Fall.

Dipladenia will grow in frost free conditions and return. It can be protected from frost in Zone 8 with about 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch or by moving indoors in cooler areas.

Plant Dipladenia in full sun in ground, pots or hanging baskets. Recommended for porch or patio use, it can be trellised, used for mailbox plantings. Keep plants moist using well drained soil or potting soil in pots. This plant is drought tolerant and should be fertilized using a general-purpose fertilizer every 2 weeks during the growing season. Can be pinched back to shape. Propagation is by cuttings.

By Karen Blackburn

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