Welcome to the independent website of the Master Gardeners of Greater New Orleans! This site is intended to provide our members and the general public with up-to-date information on our organization including educational and gardening activities, volunteer opportunities in and around town, and the latest news of MGGNO.   General information about the Louisiana Master Gardener program, horticultural publications and more can be found at lsuagcenter.com and in this brief article by Miles Brashier, Louisiana Master Gardener Coordinator4.

Our Mission

To increase the public’s love for and knowledge of gardening and responsible stewardship of the environment.

Serving Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes, the Master Gardeners of Greater New Orleans strives to aid  the LSU AgCenter to meet the educational needs of home gardeners in our community while providing enjoyable, worthwhile service experience for our members.

Gardening Tips


Passiflora – commonly known as Maypop, Passionvine or Passionflower, is a vine with unusual and exotic looking blooms. The flower is said to symbolize the crucifixion. It attracts butterflies and humming birds. Blooms in late summer to Fall in red, purple and occasionally all white blooms. This climbing vine is vigorous and uses tendrils to attach. Propagation is by seeds or cuttings. Can be planted after danger of frost to Fall. The Gulf Fritillary butterfly is attracted to this plant and can be seen in summer fluttering around the plant looking for leaves to lay their single golden/yellow eggs. Sometimes the larvae will eat all the foliage but the plant will recover by sending suckers. Passiflora incarnata, does well in Eastern US, including Louisiana.

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